Electroless gold plating

Electroless Gold Plating

We plate nickel, gold and palladium on circuit boards.

We can offer immersion plating:

  • ENIG Ni/Au
  • ENEP Ni/Pd
  • ENEPIG Ni/Pd/Au
  • EPIG Pd/Au

We can also offer autocatalytic Au plating up to 0,4 µm

Our vision is to make Au-plated surfaces not only suitable for standard PCB applications, but also suitable for microelectronic PCB production. We shall be able to supply high quality plating suitable for gold wire bonding and Flip-Chip applications.




Electrolytic Gold Plating

We can offer electrolytic hard gold plating for the PCB industry.



Electrolytic gold plating
Gold plating beer pumps

Gold Plating of Mechanical Details

We also offer decorative gold plating

  • GMF - General Metal Finish
  • Auto parts
  • Beer pumps
  • Mechanical details
  • Surface finish of etched details

What to consider before gold plating

For PCB plating:

The solder mask must

  • adhere well to the surface
  • be intended for ENIG-plating
  • be well developed
  • be properly cured

Else, there is a risk that the solder mask detaches from the surface  resulting in gold-plating of non-intended surfaces.

For decorative plating:

  • Ideally, base material should be made from cupper or nickel. Else, special pre-treatment is needed for the gold to be able to adhere to the underlying surface.
  • Details must be free from grease and oil
  • Scratches and impurities present before plating will remain visible after plating, why it is often beneficial to polish the detail prior to plating.
  • To create the right conditions for plating, we have cooperative partners that can assist with preparing the details with polishing or a pre-cupper layer when so needed. Contact us to find the right solution for gold plating your detail.

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