NJ Innovation was founded in 1988 by Nils Johansson as a part of the then growing PCB industry with capabilities within gold plating and etching and was then located in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

It is since 2013 a daughter company to AST Holding, as a part of a company group owned by Magnus Alsered and Monika Fällman.

The other companies within the group are

M A Kapslingsteknik AB

Asensor Technology AB


AST Facilities AB


The whole company group is since 2016 housed in the same building located in Bålsta northwest of Stockholm.

The companies within the group complement each other in knowledge and capabilities not only giving mutual benefits within the group,

but also the possibility of increased services for our customers.

M A Kapslingsteknik AB

Interconnects and Encapsulates Microelectronics

AST Facilities

The company group is all under the same roof owned by AST Facilities

Asensor Technology AB

Develope and sell

High End Analogue Hall Sensors

NJ Innovation AB

Maskinvägen 6

746 30 Bålsta


Tel. +46 8 590 755 20

Fax: +46 8 36 64 46

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